German startup invents a solution to turn your old TV into a modern TV with over a thousand channels, internet access, music and hundreds of games

By Journalist Gabriel Bertho, published on 16/07/2024

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Tired of your old TV but don’t want to spend a fortune on a new one? Then look no further, because we’ve found THE solution that will turn your TV into a modern TV with over a thousand channels, internet access and all the must-have apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google or Spotify.

Recently, a very promising German start-up company has developed a small box called TVSuperboost that allows you to transform your TV into a Smart TV in 5 minutes. That is to say, a connected TV with hundreds of channels on which you can surf the Internet and install applications, just as you would on a phone or tablet.

What is this box that turns your TV into a Smart TV?

Introducing TVSuperboost, a box that turns your TV into a Smart TV (connected TV).

TVSuperboost was created by a German start-up company that aimed to make connected TV accessible to everyone, even the most modest households.

For a long time, they tried to design a Smart TV that could be sold for less than £100. But always, they came up against irreducible component prices and they didn’t manage to design one under £190. This was already very good compared to current Smart TVs that sell for between £500 and £1000, but their goal was not met and they were not satisfied.

One day, to get around the problem of the price of components, one of the startup’s engineers had the idea of creating an external box that would be capable of directly integrating all the functionalities of a Smart TV (internet, a thousand channels, applications, etc.).

It was a big challenge because until now nobody had managed to do this. But after months of hard work, hundreds of prototypes and many sleepless nights of brainstorming, they succeeded.

They have developed TVSuperboost, a designer box that works on 100% of TVs and can turn a conventional TV into a Smart TV.

How does it work?

It is very easy to set up:

1. Find the HDMI port on the TV, which is usually on the back or side of the TV

2. Connect the cable from the TVSuperboost set to the HDMI port on the TV

3. Wait for the yellow light to come on

4. Turn on your TV and enjoy all the benefits of a Smart TV

You can then share the screen of any of your phones or tablets directly on the TV and enjoy over a thousand channels, streaming movies/videos from Netflix or YouTube, unlimited music and even your favourite games on the big screen.

The real advantage of TVSuperboost is that it is compatible with absolutely all TV sets. All you need is an HDMI port to connect it, but all TVs have been equipped with one since 2003. It is also compatible with all types of phones and tablets whatever their brand (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei…).

What’s more, unlike an operator, you don’t have to pay a subscription each month to take advantage of all these services. You only have to buy TVSuperboost once, which is much more economical. This is starting to seriously annoy the operators as it is a 100% legal solution and there is nothing they can do to stop people taking advantage of it.

If you want your TV back as it was before, simply unplug TVSuperboost. There will be no effect on the TV.

If your TV ever breaks down for any other reason or you want to turn another TV into a Smart TV, simply unplug TVSuperboost and then plug it back into the TV of your choice. You cannot use TVSuperboost on two TVs at the same time, but switch it from one TV to another as needed.

What exactly does the TVSuperboost set do?

✅ Project your phone or tablet screen wide – With one click, view all your photos, emails, videos, games and more on your TV.

✅ Access over a thousand channels – Without paying a subscription, watch all the most watched channels like Bein Sport or Canal+ without limits.

✅ Surf the internet – Do your Google searches from your TV.

✅ Listen to music – Use the most popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music to chill out or get in the mood.

✅ Access all apps – Use all apps like Netflix, YouTube, social networks, weather and more.

✅ Play games – Don’t just play on a phone or tablet anymore, enhance your gaming experience and play directly on the TV screen.

✅ Quick and easy installation – TVSuperboost installs in under 5 minutes.

✅ Very space saving – TVSuperboost is a very discreet design device that is not even noticed in most cases.

✅ Cost effective solution – Compared to operator subscriptions or traditional Smart TVs, the TVSuperboost device allows access to the same services for much less.

✅ Risk free and 100% legal device – You will not run any legal risk using TVSuperboost and there is no chance of this device damaging your TV.

How much does the TVSuperboost cost?

Compared to buying a traditional Smart TV or an operator subscription, the TVSuperboost solution is much more economical. Not to mention the fact that it has many other advantages such as not collecting personal data or displaying advertisements.

Regarding its price, TVSuperboost is exceptionally available at half price for its commercial release worldwide right now.

Instead of being sold at £99, TVSuperboost is available until the end of this week for only £49 (the company has already issued a statement that there will never be another promotion as big as this one). 

They already use TVSuperboost, here is what they say :

“For a very long time I wanted to have access to Bein sport to watch football matches but I couldn’t afford a subscription. Now with TVSuperboost it’s just as if I had the subscription but for a quarter of the price, I’m really very satisfied with this device.”

– Arnaud, 35 years old

“I bought TVSuperboost on the recommendation of a friend to get access to all the channels and I have to say I’m not disappointed at all. Plus, my kids are delighted to be able to play games on the TV and watch movies on the big screen from their phones.”

– Catherine, 51

“I hardly use my computer anymore since I got TVSuperboost. I watch Netflix and YouTube directly on the TV and I also put music on Deezer when we have people over. For the price I think this device is a real gem.

– Paul, 27 years old

Conclusion: Is it a good idea to use TVSuperboost ?

100% Yes. If you want to finally use your TV to its full potential and access all the channels and trendy applications like on a latest generation Smart TV, then TVSuperboost is for you.

It will allow you to enjoy an incredible number of services for only a fraction of their price.

The icing on the cake is that you can switch it from one TV to another in as little as 5 minutes if you want to enjoy all the services on another TV set.

How do I get a TVSuperboost?

BEWARE of counterfeits, as they do not use the same safety standards as the original TVSuperboost set and may not work.

If you want to get one now, it’s very simple: you can order it directly from the TVSuperboost website, which is the only one to sell this product.

The TVSuperboost comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying it out! If you act now, you can still benefit from their exceptional 50% discount valid only until the weekend. So don’t wait to enjoy TVSuperboost at bargain prices!

Order yours now before they are out of stock again

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